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See how marketing data helps companies serve you better.

Discover how companies show you offers for things you care about.

Find out how personalized marketing supports free digital services.

Marketing data helps companies serve you better.

Companies want to let you know about their products and services, special promotions, and sales that may interest you. To make sure their communications are relevant, they use marketing data to get a better picture of their audience.

Discover how companies show you offers for things you care about.

Consumers benefit when they're served information that matches their needs. People with new pets want to know how to keep their carpets clean. New car owners want the best auto insurance rates. Marketing data helps companies personalize communications, so people receive offers more likely to be relevant and engaging.

Personalized marketing supports free digital services you enjoy.

Most social networks, search engines and content sites are free for everyone because ads pay the bills. According to a recent study by a Harvard Business School Professor, the ad-supported internet contributes more than 10 million jobs and $1 trillion to the U.S. economy.*

Deighton, John. "The Economic Value of the Advertising-Supported Internet Ecosystem." IAB, March 2017.

Get answers to commonly asked questions

Where does Acxiom get data about me?

We live in a connected world, where our digital devices have become a daily part of our lives. Data is collected about us every day by entities from publicly available sources, such as city or state records or census data, or from data providers.

Data can also be collected as you browse the internet. We process cookie or browser-based information on sites you visit from our customers, who may collect data from your past interactions with them (for example, which products you have purchased in the past). Our customers follow industry best practices and only store general information that helps personalize content to you. These practices are typically described in a privacy policy.

  • Data is obtained by Acxiom, either directly or indirectly, from three general types of original sources:
    • government records, public records and publicly available data
    • self-reported data
    • data from other consumer-facing commercial entities
  • Sometimes Acxiom gets this data either:
    • directly from the entity that collects it from the consumer or publishes the data (e.g., a government website)
    • from intermediaries who compile specific types of data from the originating source for resale, commonly referred to as a compiler
How does Acxiom maintain consumer privacy on the data it receives?

Acxiom respects the privacy of every consumer about whom we either process or maintain information in our products. While all of our data collection complies with laws and industry best practices, our marketing data adheres to an even higher standard. We review our marketing data suppliers' online privacy policies to determine whether consumers are notified that information will be shared for marketing purposes and that people have a choice about such sharing. We do not work with data suppliers whose policies do not meet our strict standards.

Acxiom is committed to the ethical and appropriate use of data and actively participate in the conversations around data, working hard to create policies that protect consumers and allow for the responsible use of data by companies.

Can I see and correct information about me?
On AboutTheData, we allow consumers to see and in some cases, correct the data we have about them. To view and edit marketing data, register for AboutTheData.